I am a Design Team Member!!


I am so excited to share with everyone my good news!  Earlier this week I found out that I was selected to be a design team member for Janette Lane and her Pocket Letters Network! Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my email:

Congratulations!!  Welcome to the Pocket Letters (R) Brand Team.  You made it! You’re part of the official Pocket Letters® brand design team! Hooray! 

I simply couldn’t believe it!  I think I had a huge smile on my face for the rest of the day, actually, the smile is still there!  I am so excited to get started making projects with this amazing team.  I still can’t believe I have been selected.  I am honestly nervous about how my skills will stack up to the rest of these amazing women.  As is my nature, when I think I need to learn more, I take a class.  Several months ago, I took the Pocket Letter Class created by Janette Lane.  I am going to review the class again, with renewed interest this time 🙂 I am excited to come away with new inspirations and ideas.

Here is the official design team photo:

10 (5)

Please go to the Pocket Letter Blog to learn more about this amazing team and to watch for their projects!

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