Pocket Letter Sneak Peeks

Happy Wednesday!! I am posting a sneak peek of the Pocket Letter I’m creating for the Pocket Letter Design Team’s first project.  We are using the Succulent Spring Tide Printable from Janette Lane’s Pocket Letter Shop.  Use my promo code DEBP10 to save 10% off your purchases at her shop.

Now on to the sneak peek . . . .

Look at the beautiful effect when you add gold foiling to the this print out titled The Classy Pocket Letter.  Do you see the Nerdy Little Succulent picking out?  He was my favorite part of the Succulent Spring Tide printable.  The colors in this printable are my favorite shades of blues, greens and pinks.


Take a look at this interactive pocket idea from the Pocket Letter Workshop Class (Affiliate). The interactive pocket fits in the PL but expands to give you way more area to embellish.  So much fun.  There as so many ideas in the workshop that will add to your PL creativity!!


Final peek . . . .

Can you see the beautiful colors of the Succulent printable peeking out?  These are a few of the items from my stash I used to make my PL.  This is pretty much all you need to get started on your first piece of happy mail.  If you would like some tips, check out this Pocket Letter check list on the Pocket Letter Blog.  It will help you get started and on your way to becoming addicted to Pocket Letter FUN !!


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