My first Design Team Pocket Letter Share


I am so beyond excited to share my first Design Team Pocket Letter project.  I was so nervous trying to deliver on the expectations of someone who is on a design team.  I fretted for days, re-did the pockets, changed the embellishments and then calmed down and just went with what I thought looked good.  But – – – – Oh where to start. I guess, start at the beginning.   (check out my YouTube channel for my share).


Look at this pretty printable!  Succulent Springtide.  I love the blue and green colors.  I downloaded from here (use my promo code DEBP10 which gets you 10% off your purchases at the Pocket Letters Brand Shop) and then cut apart the squares, grabbed the pocket (I get mine from Hobby Lobby) and started to brainstorm.


After multiple attempts, here is the design that I came up with.  I love the nerdy succulent and his new friend.


Here are some close ups

Don’t forget about the back.  I like to keep mine very simple and flat.  It helps with shipping.

I couldn’t decide to add this in the front or just include it in the back.  Still debating 🙂  The gold foiled card opens into this fan folded booklet of fun!

Now the hard part . . . who do I send it to?  I am part of the Pocket Letter Pals Network and have had several fun swaps.  See how full my swap binder is??

Well?  What are you waiting for?  Grab your stash supplies and get ready to want to make a pocket letter with the Succulent Springtide printable!!!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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