Pocket Letter

Paris Theme Pocket Letter Printable

IMG_0422Hello Everyone!!

I have been loving these new Pocket Letter Printables.  There are 2 Paris themed printables; Paris Dream and Paris Love.

The Paris Love is a bundle!  You get the pocket letter printable and 3 digital papers that will print to 8.5 x 11in.  This is a great price for only $3.99!.  I love using the digital prints because you can print, and print and print them out.  It take the “scary” out of “what if I mess up?”  Here is a link to my YT channel where I show a closer look at this printable


Here’s a peek of the Pocket Letter I made for a swap using these printables for Mari (Sweetybyb220 on Instagram – ask to follow her to see her beautiful projects).  Don’t you just LOVE the foil ??  Here is the link to my YT video showing this PL a bit closer.IMG_0395

Visit the Pocket Letter Shop to get your copy of these printables.     http://www.pocketlettershop.com/

Don’t forget to use my promo code DEBP10 which gets you 10% off your purchases at the Pocket Letters Brand Shop

If you have no idea what pocket mail is, then grab Janette Lane’s FREE POCKET LETTER CHECKLIST at www.pocketletters.com.

It has everything you need on how to start this hobby including a supplies checklist, where to find swap pals and free printables.

Have a great week everyone !!

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